Chinkapin Hill Residence


Located in rural Franklin, Tennessee, the assembly of house and studios is designed to evoke the imagery of a multi-building farmstead.  Crafted with immaculate care by the homeowner, simple shed roof formed pavilions, similar to those found on farms in the area since the last century are juxtaposed and tucked into the base of a wooded hillside overlooking meadows and woods alike.  Each pavilion is positioned to maximize its functional relationship to the other while maintaining necessary privacy between the book binding & music mixing studios, the car park & workshop and the residence.  Each draws in natural light and captivates views to take advantage of this exceptional Tennessee setting.

Completion Date:   Fall 2018

Project Location:   Franklin, Tennessee

Project Type:   Residential, New Construction

­­Building Area:
Residence – 2,400 sq. ft.
Studios – 360 sq. ft. each

Chinpakin Hill